Arvolyn is a Writer, Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner, DJ, Artist and Educator currently based in Harlem, NY. Growing up in the Litchfield hills, Arvolyn has always had a passion for the natural world. Raised in Kent, Connecticut on the border of the Housatonic River and the Schaghticoke reservation, Arvolyn's family moved to the small town from Brooklyn, NY. The name Goldfeather comes from Arvolyn's deep love of the feather, to her it represents of freedom. Arvolyn weaves dreamcatchers, a traditional Native American craft, purposefully using African materials, binding the two cultures together, reflecting her own lineage. 

Arvolyn received her B.A. from Drew University majoring in Pan-African Studies and Creative Writing in 2011 and studied abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 2010. She moved back to Kent after college and worked as a Journalist for Upstate New York newspapers such as The Millerton News and The Millbrook Independent covering small town politics, public education and the local art scene. In her spare time she would DJ at The Lantern Inn and volunteer at community farms. 

After losing a number of family members due to cancer, Arvolyn enrolled in Twin Star Connecticut's School of Herbal and Energetic Studies in 2015 to learn about alternative forms of healing. Being a part of a community of herbalists, Arvolyn learned about the vast medicinal qualities of the plants growing right outside her door. In this year, Arvolyn left CT and relocated to Harlem, NY where she currently works and lives as an educator. 

In February of 2016, Arvolyn traveled to Costa Rica for a Flower Essence Practitioner training program with Twin Star and Centro Ashe. During this time, her interest in flower essences and mental healing bloomed. Since returning, she has offered flower essences workshops at Harlem Yoga Studio and Sixth Street Community Center. In her work as a flower essence practitioner, she is interested in ancestral healing and is currently developing her own line of flower essences.   

Slideshow photos and Headshot by Naima Green