Kind Words


"Arvolyn is a true healer. She created a safe and comfortable environment during my Flower Essence Consultation. I felt free to speak honestly about my experiences, needs and concerns. Arvolyn is very intentional with her words and actions and I look forward to working with her again." - Naima, Flower Essence Client

"During my Flower Essence Consultation, Arvolyn was perceptive about matching me with the most appropriate essences. She was warm and welcoming and made me feel very supported throughout the process. The effect has been to support and transform underlying emotions that I was not even aware of." -Tonia, Flower Essence Client 

"Arvolyn did an incredible job DJing my wedding. She managed to bridge the wide gap between me and my husband's diverse taste in music and kept everyone dancing all night. She's easy to work with, quick to respond to communication, very collaborative and her positive energy was really infectious to everyone on the dance floor."- Rachel, DJ Client 2015 

"My partner and I were so pleased with Arvolyn's work for our wedding. We had so many people come up to us during (and after) the wedding to let us know that the music was amazing. If was a great balance between some classices to appeals to our family, as well as contemporary and 90s jams to fit our dancing friends. It was perfect; I wish the dance party didn't have to end!" - Will, DJ Client 2016


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