Spring Love: Columbine and White Bleeding Heart


This case includes two powerful Spring blooming perennials sealed with Resin. Gathered ethically in New York and Connecticut. This case is for a iphone 7G or 8G.

Flowers featured:
Two Purple Columbine (Aquilegia Alpina) flowers that are herbaceous flowering perennials. The scientific name Aquilegia comes from the Latin word Eagle, Aquila. Its beautiful structure resembles that of a eagles wings outstretched in flight. As a flower essence Purple Columbine helps us let go of feelings of unworthiness and open ourselves up to live our truth.

A stem of White Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Spectabilis Alba) flowers runs between the Columbine flowers. The pink variety of Bleeding Heart flower is popular for its pink heart shaped perennial Springtime bloom however the White variety is just as beautiful. As a flower essence representing purity and innocence. This healing flower activates our Heart Chakra to let love by pure for oneself and others.

Avoid bending case to prevent cracking resin and flower preservation.
*One of a kind. Please don't order multiple*